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Miracle Healers – Homeopathy Gone Extreme

A few weeks back my dear friend in South Africa gtalked me and said:
‘Nyx, I have gotten some examples of those witch doctor flyers for you!’
‘The what?!’
‘Yes they’re not the funniest ones I’ve seen but they’re pretty hilarious. I’ll scan them in for you!’

I had no idea what to expect- but it wasn’t what I received. At first I found it freakin’ hilarious, because it sort of is. I mean, how can anybody believe that a potion can, say, make your penis bigger? But then we started to discuss the consequences of these kinds of flyers and I have to say it wasn’t nearly as funny anymore.

Authentic sangoma flyer

Apparently in South Africa there is a kind of traditional healer, called a ‘sangoma’. This sangoma makes different kinds of medicines with supposed healing abilities, called muthi. It sort of is homeopathy gone extreme.

Why is This So Dangerous?
There are two reasons this is extremely dangerous. One reason is that the sangomas claim to be able to cure pretty much anything from tooth ache to cancer, diabetes, mental illness and AIDS. The consequence is that some people refrain from seeking medical aid, believing that the potion they receive from a sangoma can actually cure them.

The second reason is that according to the articles I’ve found, and also facts I’ve received from my friend, these sangomas use not only plants but also animal and human parts to make their concoctions. Now, the AIDS virus can survive outside the body for several weeks, which in practicality means that since these concoctions can even contain human parts, they may in fact even contain the HIV virus. So far from curing people they may in fact help spread this disease, and who knows how many others.

The effect is that people die frequently from these ‘healing’ potions, and may contract illnesses from them rather than being cured- if not killed upfront.

Then there is also the fact that people may be injured when the sangomas collect the ingredients for their muthi. Even graves have been desecrated.


What Can We Do?
Spread awareness! Come on. Talk about it, laugh about it if you must, as long as you spread the word because this is dangerous shit. And what do we do with dangerous shit? We dispel it. Forever.