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Bahamas – Land of Lost Voices?

I’ve been ill forever but a couple of days ago I went back to work anyway (don’t try this at home). One of the symptoms I had was losing my voice, but thankfully it’s back now. That’s a good thing, since I love to listen to it! Anyway. A person I met went:

‘Oh, Nyx, you’re back now but you have no voice.’
‘Uhm no, it’s back too.’
‘Oh? Where was it before?’
I had no idea what to say to that so I just stared at her and said:
‘Err… gone?’

Where did she think it had been? Paris? Bahamas? Is that where lost voices go? Sometimes I wonder if people ever think before they speak. I highly doubt it, you know.

Bahamas- is this where lost voices go?

So, right, the real posts I make. I will try to publish something again soon. I’m a bit swamped with work and stuff at the moment but I’ll try to find the time. I have one going about diets, might post that for you soon!


Being Cold Does Not Make the Virus Take Hold

I’m introducing a new category called Daily Stupid. It will contain stuff I hear during my days out and about. I had this conversation yesterday…

‘Nyx, I’ve been freezing all day so now I feel a cold coming on.’
‘Being cold does not give you a cold,’ I said without looking up.
‘Uhm… I knew that but… You know, being cold makes the virus take hold.’

What?! You have to be outside naked in minus degrees for a long time before it affects your immune system (though you may or may not freeze to death before that happens). Sometimes I wonder how humanity ever survived. Especially if we fell ill each time we got cold.