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Chemtrails; Are They Real?

I wasn’t even going to write about this subject because it’s so boring; I am seriously inclined to say this is the most boring conspiracy theory ever, but now this stupidity has even spread to my country (Sweden) so I feel I have to share my view on the subject. For the sake of patriotism, or something, if nothing else.

What’s the big deal, then, you ask yourself now?

Right, some people believe there is a big conspiracy (involving the US as usual) that is basically about releasing chemicals via airplanes over the earth. The reason for this varies, but it ranges from controlling the population to the weather. I have to admit I haven’t paid a lot of attention to all the different theories regarding what exactly these chemtrails are supposed to do because the idea is so preposterous to me. Now, everybody has seen the trails that airplanes leave, and those are called ‘contrails’.

According to some people there is also a different kind of trails. Apparently these, called ‘chemtrails’, consist of stuff like chemicals (hence the name), viruses and heavy metals (not like the band Metallica) and, according to the conspiratists, they look completely different from the contrails. Right? Yes, that’s right. Completely different (yes, I am mocking). Anyway, I have done a bit of googling and chosen a couple of the first pictures coming up.

Here is a contrail:

Here is a chemtrail:

So called chemtrails

So called chemtrails, picture ( from Carl Sagan’s Dance Party (

Remarkable difference, isn’t it? One could easily believe they are two completely different things. Wait, they are…! Right?

Actually: No, they’re not. One of them (the chemtrails for those who feel it is still unclear) is in fact not a real thing at all. Obviously I am no expert on this so I decided to go straight to a reliable source which I have seen quoted in quite a few of these articles. I decided to email NASA. If anybody has the answers, they will. Here is what I emailed:

  • Can I have a simple explanation of what a contrail is, and why they can vary in shape?
  • Do chemtrails exist?

Just a couple of hours later one of their skilled employees, Dr Lin Hartung Chambers, replied to my email and here is what she replied to the first question:

A contrail is a shortened term for a “condensation trail” which forms in the wake of an aircraft. So a contrail is produced when the passage of an airplane causes water vapor in the atmosphere to condense and collect in small ice particles. You may want to link to our contrail formation guide (available in 3 languages, but not Swedish) which attempts to explain the physics involved, or the Contrail ID chart (in 6 languages but still not Swedish, sorry) which shows some of the variations in contrail shape.

Basically contrails vary in shape depending on the environmental conditions, mainly wind and moisture. The amount of moisture in the air, at flight altitude, determines whether a contrail can persist or even spread. Wind currents determine how a contrail may be displaced or deformed (if the wind changes at different points in the sky).

I have had a look on their website and they have a whole section on contrails that should satisfy your need for knowledge. Please click here if you wish to visit it.

Now for the question we have all waited for! Do the chemtrails exist? Let us see Dr Hartung Chamber’s reply to that question:

Chemtrails do not exist. The things people observe and attribute to chemtrails are completely explained by the atmospheric physics, as described above.

Thank you so much for that, Dr Hartung Chambers! To me that answers the questions once and for all: an esteemed researcher has confirmed this. She is an expert in her field and I have no reason to doubt her. Chemtrails are a myth. There, I said it. Also I don’t get where people even think they get this information about chemtrails. Go to real websites and ask real experts, don’t go to blogs like this one. Does nobody know about criticism of the sources? You can’t just believe some random bloke telling you airplanes release chemicals. To illustrate my point, let me present you with two newly researched remarkable theories that can come to change entirely the way we view the world:

  • People sometimes lie
  • People are sometimes wrong

And that is why this is just a conspiracy theory. So not to worry, no ‘chemtrail’ will prevent you from getting pregnant or make sure you cannot trust the weather reports. And you, Swedish politician Pernilla Hagberg, should be ashamed for believing such nonsense. I have always taken pride in us being a well-educated country here in the north, not expressing views like Mr Akin’s idiocy about the female biology, but you just burst that bubble. Hmpf.